Jeep SRT8 Intake Manifold Powdercoating


You can choose from all colors and clear coat combinations listed below.  Prices vary depending on the color and clear coat.  Please see our Color Chart tab to see a better view of the large selection of standard and specialty colors we offer. This product also comes with additional options listed below.


Add Core Charge

The core program works this way: We send you our core (valve cover, intake manifold, etc.), once you receive the item from me, you have 30 days to have your original/unmodified (including paint/powdercoat) core back to JMB for a full refund of the core charge. Cores that are received back modified will either be returned at your expense or partially refunded based on our cost/ability to repair or strip the coating off. The customer is responsible for returning the core, paying the shipping, and any damages occurring in shipping. Any core not returned within 30 days is subject to JMB’s approval as to whether or not it can be returned.

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Description:  Jeep SRT8 Intake Manifold Powdercoating.  Dress up your engine compartment and stand out from the crowd with powdercoating.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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