MPx Motor Mount Insert Set 08+ Caliber SRT4


Tial Q 50MM BOV in silver with O-ring, clamp, vacuum line, and tee.  (does not include flange).

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NOTE: We offer a race (black) and a street (blue) version of these motor mounts. Be sure to choose which one you would like before adding to your shopping cart!

If you drive your Caliber SRT4 hard, or take it to the dragstrip, you know firsthand that the factory motor mounts are great for cruising the highway but are not up for the job of hard driving!

Wheel hopping and torque steer is going to be very noticeable when you drive your car hard, ESPECIALLY if you increase the power!

We at Modern Performance, through our brand MPx, came up with an inexpensive solution!

We designed motor mount inserts (Six inserts for three motor mounts) that would plug into your factory motor mounts to fill the voids in the mount that allow the mount to flex. By eliminating the flexing, you have better control of your motor, so your car feels more solid, you have less to no wheel hop, and
traction is actually improved!

We offer this motor mount set in a race version (black) and a street version (blue). The race version uses a 85A durometer which is very solid, will allow for very little engine flexing for the ultimate in traction and engine control. The street version uses
a 70a durometer which is very soft, and will allow for more engine flexing, but will still have an improved feel over the factory motor mounts.

Please note that when your car is idling with the AC on you’ll notice more vibration with the race version. When driving though, you’ll notice very light vibration, however its very
liveable. If your concerned about vibration, choose the street motor mounts.

Modern Performance has written up installation instructions and we will provide these with each kit.

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Weight 4.00 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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