About Our Company

In the spring of 2004, Justin Bondurant was becoming increasingly unhappy with the quality and options that were available on the market for his 2004 Dodge SRT- 4. He began fabricating a few parts for his vehicle and posted pictures on some internet auto forums. Within months, he was selling the fabricated parts so quickly that he was able to quit his full time job to start his own business. JMB Performance and Powdercoat, LLC was officially founded in October of 2004. Since then, business has grown rapidly, from local service and fabrication work, to international sales.

We have expanded from the small 2 car garage we started the company in, to a purpose built 2500sq. ft. shop, and now in our new 6200sq. ft. facility as of late 2014. We build high quality, custom made parts and are happy to accommodate each individual customers needs. A large portion of our business is fabrication; We do not make “one size fits all” products. Our parts are made in Missouri, with the overwhelming majority of our materials sourced from the United States. Our success can be attributed to:

  • God’s Blessing
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Treating everyone with respect and courtesy
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Striving to operate with integrity and to honor God in every decision that we make