Turbo Kits

We design, fabricate, and install turbo kits from 300hp to 3000+hp.  We can install a customer supplied turbo kit or fabricate a custom setup from scratch to fit your exact criteria.

Supercharger Kits

We not only install brand name supercharger kits and are a Procharger dealer, we also design and fabricate custom supercharger kits from scratch. This includes our exclusive Dodge Viper and Ram SRT-10 applications, featuring Procharger head units.

Stainless Headers and Exhaust

We have fabricated literally hundreds of stainless exhaust systems and many header setups from scratch over the years. We can install your aftermarket exhaust system/headers or we would be happy to build something to your exact specs on your vehicle for that perfect fit and finish.

Engine Builds/Custom Camshafts

We are well known for our Dodge and SRT engine builds including SRT-4, Viper, and Hemi applications. Custom pistons, camshafts, compression ratio, cylinder heads, etc. can all be incorporated into an engine build to fit your exact needs. We have designed hundreds of custom camshafts and can get you the very best profile for your application.

Intercoolers/Radiators/Heat Exchangers

There are many applications where an off the shelf cooling or intercooling system is not available. We can fabricate anything from a simple radiator and fan setup, to an elaborate water to air intercooler setup for thousands of horsepower.

Nitrous Setups

We can design and build a complete turn key nitrous setup for whatever the application, including direct port, wet, and dry systems and dedicated fuel systems.

Suspension/Brake and Air-ride upgrades

We can install almost any suspension or brake setup you desire, from upgrades on your classic muscle car, to big brake kits, to air ride. We have fabricated custom brake and suspension setups as well for applications where a kit is not available.


We can powdercoat anything from valve covers, lawn furniture, to rear end housings and wheels. With 15 years of experience, we have the equipment and knowledge to put a show quality finish on your project.


Having over 25 years experience in restoration work and producing multiple beautiful modernized muscle cars, we would be happy to work with you on your project.

Engine & Transmission Swaps

From a modern Hemi, LS, or Mod motor installed into just about any kind of vehicle, to a GM auto in your viper or 6-speed swap into classic muscle car, we can handle it.

Fuel/Water/Methanol Tanks

Fabrication is our specialty and we can build a custom tank of any kind to suit your needs, everything from a simple water/methanol tank to an elaborate fuel tank with in-tank pumps and baffling that fits in the stock location.

Custom Fabrication

We can fabricate pretty much anything you can come up with in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel tubing

Welding Services

We specialize in TIG welding (we have MIG welders as well) and can properly weld steel, chrome-moly, stainless steel, aluminum, and even magnesium and cast iron.


Already have your own parts and need someone to install them properly?  We can handle that too, just contact us for a quote.

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