Caliber SRT4 Big Turbo Upgrade


Chose the color you would like for the Compressor Housing.  You can choose from all colors and clear coat combinations listed below.  Prices vary depending on the color and clear coat.  Please see our Color Chart tab to see a better view of the large selection of standard and specialty colors we offer.

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The most affordable turbo kit on the market doesn’t have to be the lowest in quality. We start with a machined steel turbo adapter to go from the stock turbo manifold to a T3 flanged turbo. Then we use a Garrett GTW series forged wheel turbo (base price includes 5857 journal bearing turbo), Tial V-band 38mm wastegate, all stainless steel piping/dumptube, 3″ stainless steel downpipe (to hook to stock or aftermarket catback), SS oil feed line, high temp oil return line, adapter to hook up to OEM intercooler piping, and all hardware. It all adds up to very quick spool with a 500+WHP turbo and excellent waste gate control. Compressor housing is T04S (4″ inlet/2.5″ outlet) which clears firewall but needs minor clearance to prevent hitting when the engine torques up. Dyno pic is on 20 psi/pump gas, 440whp/385WTQ with the GTW6262. You can step up to a ball bearing version of the turbo or step up to larger turbo (journal or ball bearing option for all) with the GTW6262, GTW6265, GTW6465, or the GTW6765. We can powdercoat the compressor housing in any of the listed color options if you’d like to stand out more when you pop the hood as well.

NOTE: This exhaust may not be legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles. Check local and state laws before purchasing. Catless kit is not legal on catalytic converter equipped vehicles for street or off highway use in states that have emissions regulations and is only intended for closed course competition/race use.

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 16 × 17 in
Color Choice

Anvil Grey, Argent Silver, Argent Silver with Clear Topcoat, Argent Silver with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Arizona Teal Metallic, Bare Metal, Bright Yellow, Bright Yellow with Clear Topcoat, Bright Yellow with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Bronze Metallic, Candy Blue with Argent Silver Base, Candy Blue with Chrome Smoke Base, Candy Grape, Candy Metallic Blue, Candy Metallic Red, Candy Orange with Argent Silver Base, Candy Red with Argent Silver Base, Candy Red with Chrome Smoke Base, Cast Iron, Cast Iron with Clear Topcoat, Cast Iron with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Chevy Orange, Chevy Orange with Clear Topcoat, Chevy Orange with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Chrome Smoke with Clear Topcoat, Chrome Smoke with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Electric Blue, Electric Blue with Clear Topcoat, Electric Blue with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Fine Texture Black, Fine Texture Red, Fine Texture White, Flat Black, Galaxy Grey Metallic, Gloss Black, Gloss Black with Clear Topcoat, Gloss Black with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Gloss Blue, Gloss Blue with Clear Topcoat, Gloss Blue with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Gloss Green, Gloss Green with Clear Topcoat, Gloss Green with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Gloss Red, Gloss Red with Clear Topcoat, Gloss Red with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Gloss White, Gloss White with Clear Topcoat, Gloss White with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Glossy Red Texture, Gold, Gold with Clear Topcoat, Gold with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Granite Crystal, Granny Smith Green, Heavy Steel Metallic, Hemi Orange, Hemi Orange with Clear Topcoat, Hemi Orange with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Hydro Blue, Ignition Orange, Illusion Malbec, Johnny 5 Silver, Laser Crystal Metallic, Lime Green, Lime Green with Clear Topcoat, Lime Green with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Lollipop Lime with Argent Silver Base, Lollipop Lime with Chrome Smoke Base, Lollipop Red, Lollypop Grape, Midnight Blue Metallic, Mojave Sand, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Racing Raspberry with Argent Silver Base, Racing Raspberry with Chrome Smoke Base, Semi Gloss Black, Sparkle Copper Metallic, Sparkle Orange Metallic, Sparkle Pink with Clear Topcoat, Sparkle Pink with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Splatter Black, Violet Dormant with Clear Topcoat, Violet Dormant with Metallic Clear Topcoat, Wrinkle Black


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