JMB Custom Hyd Roller B62X BLOWER GEN 1/2 Camshaft


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JMB Performance designed and tested many different profiles over the years to come up with a line of readily available custom camshafts. All JMB camshafts are ground by Competition cams to our specifications on induction hardened cores for exceptional durability and long life. These are tested and proven designs that will pick up everywhere in the usable power range in both horsepower and torque. They are ground for a very broad power band with a noticeable but not radical idle, and are easy to tune. Your build is unique and a one size fits all cam is never the best choice; so we offer custom camshafts in different levels for naturally aspirated, nitrous, blower, and turbo applications.

B62X – 22X/24X duration @ .050 lift – .62X/.62X lift with 1.7 rocker 114 CL

This B62X grind is specifically designed for Blower applications that are full bolt on’s with stock/mild ported heads in a viper car, 6 speed viper truck or automatic viper truck that also has an aftermarket 2500+ RPM stall converter. Recommended for 6-12psi.

Requires dual spring valvetrain kit.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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