JMB SRT-10 Ram Custom N20 Kit


JMB SRT-10 Ram Custom N20 Kit: NX Single stage wet (adds fuel via the N20 system) kit using two nozzles and one bottle, includes: -Bottle Heater -Purge Kit -TPAS Switch (activates N20 based on TPS voltage) -MSD Window Switch (only allows N20 to be sprayed in a 3K-6K RPM “window”) -Bottle mounted gauge -Colder spark plugs Price: $1299 This is all that is needed to provide a very safe and effective N20 setup for your SRT10. Install is moderate to somewhat difficult depending on your mechanical/electrical knowledge. A dyno session with some tuning time is strongly recommended. Tuning the A/F curve is done using the fuel and n20 jets that are included with the nitrous kit. 93 octane pump gas (stock PCM) is usually more than adequate on shots of 150 or less, but obviously spark plugs will need to be checked, etc. just like any other forced induction or N20 setup. Options: Extra bottle setup including: -10# bottle -Y fitting and lines -Bottle Heater -Bottle Brackets -Bottle Mounted Gauge Price: $490 Custom Solenoid Bracket that mounts over the intake manifold, with powdercoated finish and all hardware Price: $110 Custom Dash Panel (04/05) with powdercoated finish and LED indicators: Price: $100 (picture shows optional wideband 02 meter) Second Stage of N20 Dry includes: -Solenoid -Nozzle -Adapter Fittings -Stainless Line and Fittings Price $190 Drill Tap and Plumb the Intake Manifold, labor and materials Price: $250. Custom powdercoating is also available, pricing depends highly on color and what you want powdercoated. What can JMB N20 do for you? My 05 RC’s best time is 11.30 and best MPH is 119.7 on drag radials with this exact setup. Dyno sheet pic is on a 50 dry and 125 wet, stone stock longblock, longtubes, full dual 3″ exhaust, JMB CAI.

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